Lorenzo recommends WP Engine

If you are looking for a WordPress host for your events in Washington, then check out WP Engine.

They provided managed WordPress hosting so they will take care of the complicated stuff like security and caching so you don’t have to worry about adjusting any settings in several WordPress plugins. Additionally, they’ll keep your WordPress core updated and backup your site on a daily basis.

You can definitely use a cheap economy web host but I’ve found that they are not reliable when you need them the most. Keep these thoughts in mind:

1. You are investing in your business. The cost of a quality web host can be a little surprising but you’ll make up for that in the time that you save so you can focus on planning your events.

2. Be careful of going with the cheapest services that you can find. Don’t look for ways to cut costs by going with economy services. Pay for the right service and move on so you can spend your energy on your upcoming events.

3. Reliability is priceless. Imagine after weeks of work, that your website crashes after many guests arrive at your site and begin to register. Invest in a managed WordPress host like WP Engine and sleep better at night.

I’ve been using WP Engine for personal projects since 2012 and I’ve been quite happy.

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